What is Battarix?
Glad you asked! Battarix is an emergency battery charger for your smartphone designed to efficiently fit in your wallet so it's always available when you need it.
How do I use Battarix?
It's easy! Simply pull out the attached micro-USB cord from the bottom of your Battarix and plug it into your phone's charging port (Phone and USB-C users - make sure to use a proprietary adapter). Then, remove the sticker cover on the back so you can stick it to the back of your phone.
How long does it last for?
Each battarix can provide you with up to 3 hours of extra talk time depending on your smartphone model. For the long run, keep in mind that as long the charging cord is in its place (that slot in the bottom of your Battarix), your Battarix can save up its juice for up to 10 years from its manufacture date!
Is Battarix rechargeable?
Although it isn't rechargeable, Battarix is reusable. Meaning, it can be used multiple times until it's energy is completely drained. Simply make sure to replace the cable into its slot on the bottom of your Battarix and it will preserve the remaining energy until the next time you need it. 
How do I make the best use of my Battarix?
Great question - first of all, turn off all unnecessary apps that drain your battery in the background. Then, turn off power-killing features such as GPS, Bluetooth and WiFi unless they are absolutely necessary. Lastly, decrease you screen brightness to 50% max.
What's the difference between Battarix and Power Banks?
Unlike Power Banks, Battarix understands that emergencies can't be planned for - there's no need for pre-charging, ongoing maintenance, the energy doesn't discharge over time and the list goes on. Bottom line, Battarix simply plugs in to charge without the hassle of preparing the device in advance. Oh, and did we mention that it fits snugly in your wallet...
Do I just throw it away after each use?
Not so fast! If you only used your Battarix for a short amount of time, it may still have plenty of more juice for your next dead-battery-crisis. Make sure to preserve that extra power by replacing the cord back in its socket. Doing so correctly will ensure your Battarix continues to store that remaining energy for up to 10 years (from its manufacture date)!
What if my phone has a different charging port?
No problem! Just use a proprietary micro-USB to Lightening or USB-C adapters and your Battarix will still work like a charm.
My Battarix heats up during use, is that normal?
Not to worry, it's perfectly fine as your Battarix may reach up to 35C / 95F while operating. However, for safety measures (just like any other battery), make sure to keep it away from direct heat sources, humidity, water etc.